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Undertale is a fascinating adventure game that will take you on an exciting journey through the monster kingdom. But don’t get creeped out at once – most of these monsters are really nice and can be easily cooperated with if you find the right approach to them. Your ultimate goal is to find a way home, but in the process you will surely enjoy all the amazing things you will see and all the crazy events you are going to participate in!

Welcome to the monster land!

Everything starts when a little boy named Frisk suddenly falls into a strange world inhabited by all sorts of no less strange creatures. And the more you travel around it, the weirder it all becomes. Here you will meet music-loving ghosts, talking flowers, spider merchants, skeletons who dream about peace in the whole world and hope to find their true love and other beings that are as far from any monster standards as possible.

From your very first steps in the game, you can make your own choice rather than follow the storyline blindly doing what the plot tells you. In almost every situation, there are severals ways you can go and that will affect the further cause of events. Such alternatives make it possible for several endings, so if you decide to replay Undertale, you can simply choose a different path and see where it leads you.

Great art style, interesting fights and absorbing atmosphere!

The main character is free to try and collaborate with the characters he meets finding a compromise and making friends or simply hack and slash everyone right and left – at least, you’ll get to enjoy the fighting system. There is a bunch of attacks at your disposal that you can use against your enemies. And when it’s their turn to hit, you will see a little heart on the screen – that’s your soul. Now you have to move it around the battlefield trying to avoid anything the opponent is throwing or shooting at you. Getting away from all of their cunning tricks can be rather challenging, so good reflexes and tactical thinking will come in handy.

Overall, Undertale will appeal to those who appreciate a combination of stylish art, intriguing story and atmospheric gameplay. The game is rich in funny and ironic allusions that will be understood to those who follow the memes and are generally well-versed in modern culture. See for yourself playing this wonderful adventure game online!

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