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FNF Undertale

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Friday Night Funkin is a game that always takes us to new places and gets us acquainted with all sorts of incredible characters. There are so many unusual worlds Boyfriend and Girlfriend have been to on their hip-hop voyages! Sometimes it was fun and they made new friends, sometimes they would get in trouble and had to find a way out of it. But in any case, we have been observing their adventures with interest and were happy to participate in them. This new FNF mod invites you to join the main heroes on their journey through the famous monsters kingdom from another great game, Undertale!

Clash with monsters from Undertale on the rap stage!

If you already played Undertale, you know the story of this world. One day a little boy accidentally got there through a dimensional crack in the basement and had to set out on a long and dangerous trip around it in search of a way back. The monster land turned out to be not that scary. Many of the monsters he met were actually nice and kind. Some of them also required his help that he was pleased to offer. But some of the monsters are actually evil and you have to fight them if you want to get out of this mess alive. In FNF Undertale, these fights take on another, pretty unexpected musical spin!

Rock the stage and enjoy the music!

Just like in other FNF mods, you will find yourself on stage rapping against various characters from Undertale. You will see Boyfriend wearing his usual gig outfit and your opponents that you will surely recognize if you played Undertale. Your task is to outperform them in a rap battle hitting the buttons just in time with the beat. However, there is a catch – it’s not just any buttons you can press, but the very ones shown on the screen. Keep a close eye on the arrows floating over your character’s head – they will show you which of the keys should be pressed next.

If you do everything correctly, you will keep gaining points. Mistakes will decrease your life bar and shrink your score. Each of the battles typically contains three rounds, with a little break for you to catch your breath. It’s going to be a thrilling and memorable experience! Will you be able to defeat all the opponents from Undertale? Let’s find out!

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