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Undertale Deltarune

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You’ve probably already grew very much attached to the charming monster world from Undertale. And it’s always so sad to leave it when the game is over! Well, if you missed Ramsey, Sans and other characters you met when you played the original game, we have good news for you – now you can step into a whole different chapter of this story called Deltarune! Prepare to plunge into another round of magical adventures together with new heroes!

What’s waiting for you in Deltarune?

Why is the game called Deltarune? If you look closely, you’ll see that this name is actually made from the same letters as Undertale. This way, the developers hint that although the story is new, the gameplay is much the same and you’ll be able to feel both nostalgic and curious as you set out on a new journey through the already familiar monster kingdom.

This time the main hero will be accompanied with another character who will be helping him from the start. Or maybe messing with him – this little perky girl who is a monster too and resembles some kind of a triceratops has quite a troubled nature. You’ll surely have a hard time dealing with her, but since you’re in it together, you’ll have to put up with her whims and aggressive outbursts. Besides, if you show a good example, she might become much mellower in the process of your joined wanderings. Just like anything else in Deltarune, your relationships with other characters are not something stable, but can change depending on your actions!

Solve puzzles, fight your enemies and help your friends!

When you get into the monster world for the second time, you will find out that you’re the long-awaited messiah that can free the locals and bring happiness to the entire kingdom. However, the evil queen also wants to sacrifice you to gain extra power. And you have to be very careful because many of the creatures you are going to meet are actually working for her! Just like before, there are plenty of intriguing puzzles for you to solve and gripping fights for you to run. How the whole story is going to end depends on you!

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