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Undertale Sans

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Everyone who played Undertale surely remembers Sans. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for this lovely characters who only looks spooky. Under all those bare bones and creepy smile, you will find a kind-hearted guy who enjoys helping and protecting the others. He is also very sensitive to any kind of injustice, so if you choose the Genocide Path in the original game, he will become your enemy. That’s what probably happened in this game where you’ll be playing as Sans and will have to fight the main hero of Undertale who apparently became evil. Let’s begin!

It’s all about bones

As every character in the monster world, Sans has his own tricks that can come in rather handy on the battlefield. Since he is a skeleton, he is good at everything that has to do with bones. You will find a large spectrum of special attacks involving bones here. For instance, you can throw a spear bone or a boomerang bone at your enemy that will deal much more damage than a regular attack. There is also an opportunity to use a bone shield to cover yourself up from any long-range stuff your opponent can be throwing at you or set up bone traps around the battlegrounds to catch him off guard. You will surely come up with optimal tactics of your own combining these moves in all sorts of ways and trying to reach the best result possible!

Play as Sans and get to know him a little better!

The game won’t cause you any trouble getting used to the controls – everything is very intuitive and includes just a bunch of buttons. After a few gaming sessions, you’ll already do everything automatically without thinking much. The rest depends on your reflexes and choice of tactics! Start playing this great game right now and help Sans defeat the bad version of the main hero of Undertale!

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