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Siren Head

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There are many games where you face monsters and evil creatures, but we bet you have never seen a scarier creature than Siren Head. Why does he have such a strange name and what is it so frightening about him? Start playing now to understand the level of fear this creature may bring.

Avoid meeting Siren Head face to face!

To be honest, no one has ever personally saw this terrible beast. But rumors have it that he is unbelievable tall and slim. The weirdest thing is that he has no head. Instead, you will see two sirens, attached with a piece of wire. This personage can produce a terrible sound that easily deafens everyone around. And what is really terrible that whoever saw him, dies immediately. Now it is your turn to check whether you will be able to get out of the gloomy forest alive. Move as quietly as possible not to attract his attention.

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