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FNF Vs Potassium Queen

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If you love singing and dancing, you surely know the FNF series. This is a project devoted to music and rhythm. Its main hero is Boyfriend. The guy is fighting for the right to date a beautiful girl. He needs to prove to her father that he has an excellent feeling of rhythm. So you should help him win a number of rap duels against all possible opponents. Who will it be this time?

Meet Potassium Queen!

You may have already met this personage in the Deltarune game. You know well that she is treacherous enough. So it will not be easy to outperform her without working hard. The antagonist also brings a new song. Help Boyfriend dance precisely to the music. You need to press the colored arrows in time to make him move correctly. It is going to be a challenging task as the music is very fast. Watch your progress bar to remain green until the final chord!

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