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Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation

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One of the things we love about Undertale and Deltarune is the variety of characters we meet on our way through the fascinating monsters kingdom. One of them is Spamton, a former businessan who grew bitter after going out of business and decided to take his revenge by becoming evil and terrorizing the city. In this thrilling fighting game, you have to defeat this famous villain in a series of gripping fights!

Spamtom is challenging you to a fight!

Prepare for a lot of action because Spamton isn’t going to give up that easily. There will be various moves and attacks in your arsenal – use them wisely to maximize your chances of victory. Dodge the hits of your enemy and keep an eye on your health bar. If it runs too low, it’s a sign that you’re being too reckless and you have to balance your tactics with more focus on the defense. Good reflexes and bravery are a must to win over Spamton and you’ll surely enjoy the gameplay!

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