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The House Of Evil Granny

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Not all grannies are kind and caring. Some of them are true beasts. Do you think this is a joke? Then welcome to The House of Evil Granny. You will be able to meet the scariest monster you have ever seen. And she will try to kill you! Are you still here ready to give it a try?

Do your best to find a front door!

You will never know how you got here. But you know for sure you must escape this place at any cost. But how to do it if evil Granny is wandering around with a baseball bat? She may seem old, but she is very dangerous. The old woman has an excellent hearing, and the slightest noise will immediately let you down. So move step by step, without attracting her attention. And if you hear her steps, try to find a place to hide or you will be attacked. You have only five days to find the key and unlock the front door. Will you manage to trick Granny?

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