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Undergarf – Bad Monday Simulator

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Those who played Undertale will surely love this ironic take on the popular monster quest! Here the story is basically the same, but instead of a human character you play as a cat who accidentally got into a magical world and now needs to find his way back home. Will you be able to do it? There are plenty of dangers you are going to face on your way, so watch out!

Another alternative version of the good old Undertale!

Together with Nermal the Cat, you will set out on a fascinating journey through all kinds of incredible landscapes. You will learn the history of this unusual world, as well as get to know some of its inhabitants a little better. Each of the characters you are going to meet is a personality, so you’ll be really delighted to find out more about them. In the end, you have to fight a terrible monsters and the way you play the game before that will either increase or diminish your chances to win in this battle!

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