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Undertale: Frisk Vs Arin

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The famous Undertale game gave birth to a lot of fan-made projects, in which you meet scary personages from the original story. This time, you will meet Frisk and Arin. If you played the original game, you know that Arin is a drinker. Will you have enough strength to persuade him to give up this bad habit? But note it will not be easy to achieve it!

Try to improve your opponent!

The whole play is devoted to a confrontation between two personages. Frisk needs to take away all the drinks from Arin. But the latter is furious about it, and he is going to fight for every bottle. But you should not allow him to win. Get involved in fierce battles and do your best to take advantage of your opponent. Do not miss to test this new entertainment and interact with these famous personages. You will love this adventure! Have fun!

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