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As kids, we all dream of getting into some fantasy land where things are different, magic actually exists and there are all kinds of fairy tale creatures we can meet. In Undertale, this wish comes true! You play as a little boy who suddenly finds a whole different world hidden in the basement. It’s inhabited by various monsters that are not at all scary (well, at least not all of them) and can even make friends with you. But will you be able to tell a truly good one from an evil cunning creature luring you into a trap? The only way to find out is to start playing!

Your adventure in the monster land is about to begin!

Being wrapped in a package of a fairy tale for kids, Underale is nevertheless much more than that. It brings up some really deep philosophical issues and abounds in humor and references based on mainstream culture and internet memes, so it’s aimed more at adults or at least teenagers. The whole story consist of you traveling around different locations, meeting various heroes, interacting with them and making choices (a little bit more on that later). As you make your way through the monster world, you learn that there is apparently some kind of an important missions destined for you. And the rest of the gameplay is dedicated to you embracing your significance for the future of the monster kingdom.

The choices you make shape the plot of the game!

However, Undertale also allows you to choose several possible ways of passing it, and whether to become a hero everyone loves and adores or a villain everyone is afraid of is up to you. Whenever you need to make a decision, the game will offer you two or more options and you are free to choose. Just don’t be surprised if the attitude of the characters you are going to meet during the gameplay will change accordingly! Some of them can become your friends if you act in a good way and the same heroes can oppose you if you choose the path of a bad guy. Consequently, there are several endings possible, and it only makes it more interesting to keep replaying Undertale over and over again, just to find out how else everything can end. You can set out on your very first of alternative paths available in the game right now! Good luck!

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