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Undertale 2

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Do you want to find out the continuation of the Undertale story? Are you interested in how all the great characters you met in the original game keep living their lives and what happened in the monster world after you left? Then welcome to Undertale 2! It contains some new chapters and events based on the original edition and invites you to return to the magical kingdom and set out on a new amazing adventure in the company of your old friends!

New chapter, same world

The story of Undertale begins when a usual kid finds an entrance to another world. This is a world where monsters exist, but they are not too happy about being separated from the rest of the reality. They want to find a way back to our world and you can help them in it. But you need to think carefully. Do you really want to unleash all these creatures on your home? Some of them are really nice and you can be sure that they won’t do anything bad if that happens, but there are those that are really dangerous and can bring a lot of evil. So you need to come up with a way that will save the monster kingdom without posing any danger to your own world. Do you think it’s possible? Let’s see!

Alter the future of the monster kingdom with your decisions!

As you make your way through Undertale, you’ll realize more and more that it’s not just a story for kids. Although the main hero is a human child, he is confronted with decisions that are far from any of the problems kids generally face at his age. You can even kill other characters – if you choose to do so because the game offers several options of behavior in different situations. Fighting is inevitable anyway, but depending on your choices the lineup of characters you will have to fight will change. The fighting system is rather interesting, by the way, and this part of the gameplay will be enjoyable for those who appreciate some action and diverse tactical opportunities.

Moreover, even the personalities of the characters that interact with your closely will go through certain transformations in the process. You will see some of them changing their opinions and systems of values, and as a consequence, their behavior as they stay by your side for a long time. You can also influence other heroes more drastically, overnight and see them switch to the good side in the last moment. Start playing Undertale 2 online right now and find out what kind of new adventures the developers have prepared for you!

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