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Undertale Last Breathe

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There are plenty of fan-made games created on the base of Undertale. And Undertale Last Breathe is yet another one of them you just can’t miss! Here you will play against Sans eager to confront Frisk who has taken up the path of evil and stop him from ruining the monster world. For your part, you will be playing as Frisk and it will be your choice whether to keep your genocide crusade or see that you’re doing it wrong and change your mind!

Sans vs Frisk – who is going to win?

The battle runs in three phases. The first won’t be very complicated since your opponent looks like Sans and uses attacks that aren’t very different from his original capabilities. Basically, it’s just a little bit enhanced version of the Sans you remember from Undertale. In the process, the skeleton will also try to reason with you talking about how different his life could have been if not for you and asking why you keep killing everyone. This is the first choice you need to make – whether to hit Sans or spare him.

Show great reflexes and agility!

If you proceed to the second phase, Sans will get more frantic. You will see a giant bone that will appear in his hand. He will use it to block your attacks and it will become more difficult to deal any damage to him. The dialogues will also change – rather than appealing to your common sense, Sans will wish you dead. Moreover, he will be helped by Gaster who will show up in the critical moments and fend off your attacks.

It all is going to be decided in the third phase that will be the most difficult and heated. Whether you’ll be able to defeat Sans will be seen at this stage of the battle. Start playing this riveting battle simulator right now and enjoy the dynamic gameplay with the participation of your favorite heroes!

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