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Evil Nun Schools Out

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Strange things are happening in one school. All nuns turned into evil monsters and kill children. You will play for a hero who was locked in this terrible place. He does not remember how he got here, but it is more than clear that he needs to run away from here as soon as possible!

You have only five days!

The game starts when you wake up at school. You feel the danger in the air. It is only a question of time when the evil nun spots and kills you. So you need to act. You must find the key and find the front door to escape. But you will have to overcome tons of obstacles on the way to your freedom. Your enemy will be moving around the house, and once she sees you, she will immediately attack you. If you do not find a way to escape during five days, you will remain here forever! You will need all your logic to trick the crazy nun. Good luck!

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