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FNF Skeleton Bros

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Whenever there is a new mod for Friday Night Funkin coming out, it always means new amazing songs and new amazing characters. And this one is no exception! Here you will meet not one, but two opponents at once – the famous skeleton brothers from Undertale. Will you be able to outperform them on the virtual hip-hop stage? Let’s find out!

Can you outrap the skeleton brothers?

Prepare to groove to incredible tracks that will surely get stuck playing in your head long after you turn the game off! Your goal is to hit as many beats as possible in line with the music to gain points. When you make a mistake, you will lose a little bit of your health. And on the contrary, sticking with the rhythm for some time in a row will allow you to hit spectacular combos and maximize your score. There are three gripping rounds waiting for you ahead. You can also choose any level of difficulty, from the easiest one to the hardcore where you’ll have to keep your ears as sharp as you can!

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