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FNF Vs Dusttale Remastered

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We never get tired of listening to amazing songs and rapping to the beat in Friday Night Funkin! And this new mod will allow you to quench your thirst for new cool tracks. Step to the stage you know all to well once again and play as Boyfriend battling against another opponent not with a knife or gun, but with a microphone in your hand!

Rap to the beat and have fun!

To win, you need to score more points than your rival which can be done by pressing the right buttons at the right moments. You need to do it every time you hear another beat, but note that the rhythm can be tricky and it can be changing unexpectedly. Besides, you need to make sure the buttons you press coincide with the arrows that move through the screen. Overall, there are three rounds in each battle, so even if you didn’t fair to well in the first one, you still have a chance to make up for it in the following rounds. Hitting several beats in a row will bring you epic combos. Good luck!

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