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Hungry Lamu

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Lamas are known for their excellent appetite. They can spend whole day long just grazing, chewing and eating. And the main hero of this game is no exception. God knows how many fruits you need to stuff down his guts to make him happy and full. This uneasy task falls on your shoulders in Hungry Lamu!

Can you feed the lama?

In this arcade you have to feed your fur-covered character as much as you can. Collecting fruits that are scattered around the level will bring you points and, as a pleasant bonus, make the lama break into a delighted smile. However, there is a little catch – some of the fruits seems to be alive and they don’t want to end up in some lama’s stomach. So they’ll try to get away from you and your goal is to run them down. Every level is different and challenging in its own way. And your job will get more and more difficult as you progress through the game. Keep playing and striving for the record score!

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