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FNF Vs Sans

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Have you been looking forward to a new FNF mod? Tonight Boyfriend is going to perform in a rap battle against a new opponent – a charming skeleton named Sans. He is a very nice and friendly guy, but he can grow a little bit violent if he sees that somebody is doing something wrong. You have to be careful around him because Sans turns out to have quite a musical talent! Are you ready to begin?

Groovy to the bone (pun intended)!

As the first round of the hip-hop competition starts, you will see your character on one side of the stage. Sans will be standing on the other. Once you hear the music, you need to keep your fingers tight on the keyboard and catch every single beat. Look at the arrows floating through the screen – they indicate the button you need to press the next moment. Getting into the rhythm will keep bringing you points and maybe you’ll be able to score more of them by the end of the third round than your opponent!

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